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30 Tips on ProVideoCoalition

In case you missed it, I posted 30 tips for the 30 days of April on Here’s what I posted: Tip: Render Faster & Smarter in After Effects with BG Renderer Force an After Effects Render to Fail (and Save!) on a Mac

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Features Great and Small (not All)

I’m just completing work on two feature films (and boy is every part of me tired). The two offer a contrast. On the one hand, there’s the work as VFX Supervisor on All About Evil, the little film with the huge heart (and a bloody one at that). Shooting occurred back in February and March […]

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All About Evil

It’s no secret – in fact it’s been on my IMDB page for the last few weeks while we’ve been shooting – that I’m serving as VFX Supervisor on a feature film produced in San Francisco. It is a cult horror film in the classic style: definitely a bit camp (the director – who is […]

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Geek Speak

You’ve probably never heard this show, or heard of this show, unless you live in the real Surf City, USA, but I will be appearing on Geek Speak, a weekly Saturday morning podcast on KUSP 88.9, Central Coast Public Radio, which does stream. I’m really looking forward to this, for a couple of reasons. First, […]

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Visual Reference: The Architecture of Authority

This is brilliant and fantastic resource if you’re telling a visual story with elements of authority in it (and how many stories don’t have that?). The choices are in some cases provocative, and if you’re anything like me it’s the ones you wouldn’t have clearly identified as authority-driven that will particularly resonate. The way that […]

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Brad Bird on Innovation

It’s over a month old but I missed it when it appeared on my birthday, and maybe you did too. This one is a keeper. Brad Bird on Innovation

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Adobe’s Magical 3D Lens

Check out this video in which Adobe engineers debut some much rumored hardware designed to interface with a future version of Photoshop (and, perhaps, other of our favorite Adobe apps?) to provide persective and depth of field in post. Not only is it a stunning demo, such a lens might not require mechanical controls for […]

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DivX Pro Converter Free License

Check out this limited time only offer for a great compressor, FREE. (If it no longer says “DivX Pro holiday download available for a limited time” at the top, you may be too late…)

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Book Update (and the Gift Economy)

Word from Peachpit Press is that Amazon has not received delivery of the book and their late-December estimates are merely a CYA maneuver – they should receive (and begin shipping) copies by the end of this week. Meanwhile, check out this post by Long Tail author Chris Anderson (A Flight across Europe for Five Pounds […]

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Hello world!

It was promoting this blog on Filmmaking Central that finally pushed me off the fence. This space will contain thoughts on matters relating to my book – digital cinema and visual effects compositing in particular – as well as whatever other miscellany takes hold. Paradoxically, it’s the way that writing these monologues/blogs puts people more […]

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