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New Class at

The April 2009 term is underway at and I’m excited to once again be contributing a full class to it: afx206 will take concepts from After Effects Studio Techniques and put them in motion. It’s an opportunity for me to go beyond the examples and figures in the book. With just a half-hour a […]

14 April 2009 | after effects, news, training | 3 Comments

SFMograph This Week: RED

This week at SFMograph, I (along with Matt Silverman and one or two others) will be spending time going over the RED post-production workflow. RED is truly a post-production camera, more like a film camera in many ways than the standard video camera; once you get the workflow together, working with the footage is a […]

21 February 2009 | news, training | 2 Comments

New Edition of AE Studio Techniques Underway

The book is being revised. There at least one major change to this one which I’ll share as we get closer to publication. Meanwhile – I take requests – if there are sections of the book you think could be clearer (I already have my picks – in particular Section I) or other topics you’d […]

16 August 2008 | after effects, news, training | Comments Off on New Edition of AE Studio Techniques Underway

fxphd Term 8 – the best yet

I am so proud to have been associated with for the last couple of years. I am late posting this but have had a chance to look at the first couple classes in several courses for this term and am impressed. A few highlights: – The RED101 course focuses on postproduction usage of R3D […]

29 April 2008 | news, training | No Comments

Camera Stabilization in AE (a gift from AE CS3 Studio Techniques)

The latest episode of fxguide TV includes a 5 minute segment from me at the end describing in a nutshell how to stabilize a moving camera in After Effects, a technique that is more thoroughly documented in the book. Watch High Bandwidth Episode | Watch Low Bandwidth Episode My bit is in the last five […]

27 January 2008 | after effects, training | No Comments

What is QuickTime, anyhow?

Inspired by a video by Mike Seymour at fxPhd on cool Quicktime tricks, I want to say something very simple: QuickTime is not a format. If you’ve ever heard someone say something like, “no, we need the uncompressed files, not the QuickTimes,” that person is repeating a common misapprehension, which is that QuickTime by its […]

6 November 2007 | training | No Comments Gettin’ Better All The Time

I haven’t blogged about it extensively, but for the last 3 terms I’ve been offering online courses at and have found it to be a lively community of peers, and chock full of fantastic information about visual effects and high-end production. Although this term’s After Effects course will be a repeat of the first […]

10 October 2007 | news, training | No Comments

AE Expressions: Sample a Pixel Value

It looks as though Dan Ebberts, who is The Man when it comes to After Effects expressions, is in the process of updating his excellent site, and featured there now is a great example of how to make use of the new expression to sample a pixel value, an addition to AE CS3 that I […]

10 August 2007 | after effects, training | No Comments

Color Commentary

David Basulto’s article on what he learned from me and Stu to color correct his movie came out just as I was re-editing Chapter 5, the very one he praises, for the next version of After Effects Studio Techniques. I’m psyched that a voice as widely heard as David’s is proclaiming the value of these […]

23 July 2007 | after effects, training | 1 Comment

Doctor of Philosophy, Illusionist

As mentioned in the Filmmaking Central interview, I’m teaching a class based on After Effects 7.0 Studio Techniques at in this, its third term. The class was just uploaded yesterday, and so if you’re actually interested in the class and this announcement has taken you by surprise, no worries – it’s possible to sign […]

21 December 2006 | after effects, training | 3 Comments




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