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New Class at

The April 2009 term is underway at and I’m excited to once again be contributing a full class to it: afx206 will take concepts from After Effects Studio Techniques and put them in motion. It’s an opportunity for me to go beyond the examples and figures in the book. With just a half-hour a […]

14 April 2009 | after effects, news, training | 3 Comments

MacWorld 2009: Hello World

I’ll be in the Peachpit booth at MacWorld Thursday morning at 11 a.m., giving a little presentation about creating vfx in After Effects which they have promised will be more intimate and informal than the standard podium/audience type of setup. If you come by, say hello! I’ll be followed at noon by Norman Hollyn, author […]

5 January 2009 | after effects, news | 2 Comments

Ladies and Gentlemen: New Edition!

Cool it now, people, but soon After Effects CS4 Visual Effects and Compositing Studio Techniques will be on its way from the printer to warehouses and then out to the world. The title is certainly a mouthful: it went double-wide to make it easy for the casual searcher to find it when looking for an […]

11 December 2008 | after effects | 8 Comments

Adobe CS4 Embargo Lifted (and I posted a video)

Somebody leaked – so those of us who were previously under NDA can now talk about the Adobe CS4 apps. I’ve just posted a video at ProVideoCoalition to show one feature set I know people will be curious about – 3D models in Photoshop and After Effects. I also have it in mind to talk […]

22 September 2008 | after effects, news | Comments Off on Adobe CS4 Embargo Lifted (and I posted a video)

New Edition of AE Studio Techniques Underway

The book is being revised. There at least one major change to this one which I’ll share as we get closer to publication. Meanwhile – I take requests – if there are sections of the book you think could be clearer (I already have my picks – in particular Section I) or other topics you’d […]

16 August 2008 | after effects, news, training | Comments Off on New Edition of AE Studio Techniques Underway

Buy Lloyd a Beer

Lloyd Alvarez has updated his BG Renderer script for After Effects CS3, and it now resides in its own panel, ready for use at any time. As I also just noticed, this new version seamlessly allows you to overlap processes; even if one render is already underway, another one will open, which was not the […]

21 July 2008 | after effects, news | Comments Off on Buy Lloyd a Beer

fxPhd July08 Term

In case you haven’t checked out the new offerings at, the O-Week overview is available, and this week and next you can sign up and freely audit the first 2 classes of any of the amazing courses. I’ll be helping out with a class called “After Effects Masters” (afx302) that will feature the amazing […]

16 July 2008 | after effects, news | Comments Off on fxPhd July08 Term

Adobe’s Magical 3D Lens

Check out this video in which Adobe engineers debut some much rumored hardware designed to interface with a future version of Photoshop (and, perhaps, other of our favorite Adobe apps?) to provide persective and depth of field in post. Not only is it a stunning demo, such a lens might not require mechanical controls for […]

13 February 2008 | after effects, new technology, news, Uncategorized | Comments Off on Adobe’s Magical 3D Lens

Quicktime 7.4.1 posted, AE no longer “broken”

Yep, straight from the Product Manager of After Effects, it’s safe to render QuickTime movies again vardenafil otc. Or rather, it’s at least safer than it was in 7.4, so if you’ve been stuck trying to downgrade to 7.3, there’s an official way out.

6 February 2008 | after effects, news | No Comments

PVC: Piping More Signal, Less Noise

The Pro Video Coalition is now a few hours into its public beta, and I’ve just added an entry there about my favorite new free After Effects script, Magnum, and how Adobe needs to encourage more of that kind of thing. I’m looking forward to seeing how this evolves – some writers I respect and […]

1 February 2008 | after effects, news | No Comments




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