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SFCutters in less than 24 Hours!

Yes, I’m up late preparing. I’ll be presenting this evening at Adobe’s SF headquarters, along with Stu Maschwitz and Bob Donlon. You can sign up to join us (and do say hello if you’re a reader of this blog, fxphd-er, or we share anything important like a favorite 90’s Hollywood comedy (hmm, well, tie actually […]

31 January 2008 | after effects | No Comments

Camera Stabilization in AE (a gift from AE CS3 Studio Techniques)

The latest episode of fxguide TV includes a 5 minute segment from me at the end describing in a nutshell how to stabilize a moving camera in After Effects, a technique that is more thoroughly documented in the book. Watch High Bandwidth Episode | Watch Low Bandwidth Episode My bit is in the last five […]

27 January 2008 | after effects, training | No Comments

Prep, Shoot, Post-its

Readers of this blog may also be aware of Eric Escobar’s blog Prep, Shoot, Post. Last week he described prep, shoot and post on a rather ambitious green-screen commercial project and it just so happens I’m the vfx supervisor. I’m a little late to the party and suddenly realized I should blog about little things […]

25 January 2008 | after effects | No Comments

AE 8.0.2 Yes! QT 7.4 No!

Unless you’re one of my parents, you can probably decode that. Here is a list of everything fixed in the latest dot-build of AE. Particularly welcome in this build will be that QuickTime Legacy settings are now on by default. Adobe has wised up and no longer assumes that QuickTime won’t completely screw users with […]

22 January 2008 | after effects, news | Comments Off on AE 8.0.2 Yes! QT 7.4 No!

Me: Live, Prerecorded (and i.s.o. Feedback)

I’ll be appearing in the Peachpit booth next Thursday January 17 at Macworld at 4 pm; if you’ll be at the show checking out whatever earthshaking development surfaces that week by all means come say hello and check out my little presentation illuminating why realistic compositing is essential to civilization as we know it. If […]

10 January 2008 | after effects, news | Comments Off on Me: Live, Prerecorded (and i.s.o. Feedback)

P2 & Leopard AE: not for another month or so

As the last productive days of 2007 dwindle down, Michael Coleman just pulled the trigger on an announcement that there will be no version 8.0.2 of After Effects for another month or so. For what it’s worth, I had to de-install Leopard from my MacPro (and have had a lot more problems with ordinary apps […]

19 December 2007 | after effects, news | Comments Off on P2 & Leopard AE: not for another month or so

New Book Arrives

Writing a book is like having a baby in at least one specific way: no “bloody show,” but the birthing process itself can be such an ordeal that you almost forget what you end up with: a being with a life of its own to hold, adore and proudly show off. So imagine my surprise […]

14 November 2007 | after effects, news | 8 Comments

Fun with Gamma and Quicktime

Here’s a scenario being replayed at studios around the globe: The decision is made to upgrade to After Effects CS3. A big project comes in. All proceeds quite well until it’s time to render for final output, at which point files coming out of After Effects – particularly those being edited in Final Cut Pro […]

30 October 2007 | after effects | 4 Comments

Filmmaking Central, Looks, & Me

The always lively David Basulto and I had a chat late last week about the upcoming book on his show Filmmaking Central – I draw out a couple of new additions to the book, including a great roto tip I received from a reader of the previous edition and incorporated into this book (I love […]

29 October 2007 | after effects, new technology | No Comments

After Effects CS3 Studio Techniques: In The Can

I should by all rights be drinking champagne this evening, given that the final contents of the new book were all submitted first thing this morning. However, like so many creative projects, closure in this case feels quite anti-climactic and the only real closure comes from holding the printed copy in your hands. This “hands” […]

15 October 2007 | after effects, news | 2 Comments




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