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Knoll Unmult 32 bpc and Macintel Native

That incredibly useful and completely free After Effects plug-in created by John Knoll, Unmult, does one thing only: it removes black from an image and replaces it with transparency, but it does it much better than any combination of built-in effects, and it’s now available for use in 32 bpc comps and native to Intel-based […]

14 September 2007 | after effects, news | 3 Comments

AE Expressions: Sample a Pixel Value

It looks as though Dan Ebberts, who is The Man when it comes to After Effects expressions, is in the process of updating his excellent site, and featured there now is a great example of how to make use of the new expression to sample a pixel value, an addition to AE CS3 that I […]

10 August 2007 | after effects, training | No Comments

AE CS3 ST: Call for Footage

In the last post I alluded to the next edition of After Effects Studio Techniques. Following is a little more info and a request. This edition of the book will be an improvement over the last in that it will actually be about 15% shorter, due to increased printing costs; we’re avoiding raising the price, […]

3 August 2007 | after effects | No Comments

Color Commentary

David Basulto’s article on what he learned from me and Stu to color correct his movie came out just as I was re-editing Chapter 5, the very one he praises, for the next version of After Effects Studio Techniques. I’m psyched that a voice as widely heard as David’s is proclaiming the value of these […]

23 July 2007 | after effects, training | 1 Comment

After Effects CS3: my Top Ten

After Effects CS3 has officially released, giving me opportunity to feature my own top features list from this release, including a few items easily lost in the shuffle, as well as a few major ones whose use for readers of my book might not be readily apparent. This list pertains predominantly to visual effects work […]

1 July 2007 | after effects, news | 2 Comments

Wonders of Technology

One great thing about the field of computer graphics is how close it remains to its roots in academia. You get a real sense of this at SIGGRAPH. Researchers will share discoveries and innovations that would likely stay under wraps had they been done in the R & D department of a company, whether large […]

31 May 2007 | after effects, new technology | 1 Comment

Bike to Work Day

Anyone who’s worked with me in San Francisco knows that I cycle to work most days, but last night I went out to dinner and left my wheels in the office. As a result, perversely, I skipped Bike to Work Day today. This, however, gave me a chance to listen to the interview with […]

17 May 2007 | after effects, punditry | 2 Comments

Mythbusting (Part Three)

In the last part I played pundit, looking at the field of compositing software from the point of view of high-end, feature film compositing, where Shake and Nuke duke it out, and where Nuke is clearly on the ascendant while Shake’s days seem numbered. Why, you might ask, if I can acknowledge that After Effects […]

2 May 2007 | after effects, punditry | No Comments

Mythbusting (Part Two)

In Mythbusting (Part One) I made the case that it is the workflow, not the results, which prevents After Effects from being a more common choice for big budget feature film visual effects work. This topic is firmly on my mind at the moment having just completed work on a feature entirely using software other […]

29 April 2007 | after effects, punditry | 6 Comments

After Effects CS3: Official Top Ten

Among the marketing materials for After Effects CS3 is this official list of the top new features. I’ll be following up with my own spin on the top ten shortly. Meanwhile, no official word on the public beta – for now, the rumors remain just that. Adobe seems to be on top of their marketing […]

27 March 2007 | after effects | No Comments




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