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fxphd Term 8 – the best yet

I am so proud to have been associated with for the last couple of years. I am late posting this but have had a chance to look at the first couple classes in several courses for this term and am impressed. A few highlights: – The RED101 course focuses on postproduction usage of R3D […]

29 April 2008 | news, training | No Comments

NAB and More from Me

Wondering where I went? I am alive and more or less well, although Flowseeker might have to become Balanceseeker for a while. You can find me: – at NAB this week where I’ll be appearing daily in the Artbeats booth giving a “dry for wet” presentation along the lines of a tutorial I designed for […]

12 April 2008 | news | No Comments

Adobe’s Magical 3D Lens

Check out this video in which Adobe engineers debut some much rumored hardware designed to interface with a future version of Photoshop (and, perhaps, other of our favorite Adobe apps?) to provide persective and depth of field in post. Not only is it a stunning demo, such a lens might not require mechanical controls for […]

13 February 2008 | after effects, new technology, news, Uncategorized | Comments Off on Adobe’s Magical 3D Lens

Quicktime 7.4.1 posted, AE no longer “broken”

Yep, straight from the Product Manager of After Effects, it’s safe to render QuickTime movies again vardenafil otc. Or rather, it’s at least safer than it was in 7.4, so if you’ve been stuck trying to downgrade to 7.3, there’s an official way out.

6 February 2008 | after effects, news | No Comments

PVC: Piping More Signal, Less Noise

The Pro Video Coalition is now a few hours into its public beta, and I’ve just added an entry there about my favorite new free After Effects script, Magnum, and how Adobe needs to encourage more of that kind of thing. I’m looking forward to seeing how this evolves – some writers I respect and […]

1 February 2008 | after effects, news | No Comments

AE 8.0.2 Yes! QT 7.4 No!

Unless you’re one of my parents, you can probably decode that. Here is a list of everything fixed in the latest dot-build of AE. Particularly welcome in this build will be that QuickTime Legacy settings are now on by default. Adobe has wised up and no longer assumes that QuickTime won’t completely screw users with […]

22 January 2008 | after effects, news | Comments Off on AE 8.0.2 Yes! QT 7.4 No!

Me: Live, Prerecorded (and i.s.o. Feedback)

I’ll be appearing in the Peachpit booth next Thursday January 17 at Macworld at 4 pm; if you’ll be at the show checking out whatever earthshaking development surfaces that week by all means come say hello and check out my little presentation illuminating why realistic compositing is essential to civilization as we know it. If […]

10 January 2008 | after effects, news | Comments Off on Me: Live, Prerecorded (and i.s.o. Feedback)

P2 & Leopard AE: not for another month or so

As the last productive days of 2007 dwindle down, Michael Coleman just pulled the trigger on an announcement that there will be no version 8.0.2 of After Effects for another month or so. For what it’s worth, I had to de-install Leopard from my MacPro (and have had a lot more problems with ordinary apps […]

19 December 2007 | after effects, news | Comments Off on P2 & Leopard AE: not for another month or so

Flat Earth VFX

I’m not a regular NPR listener – just happened to tune in for a few minutes this morning while shaving, just in time for this morning’s seven and a half minute NPR story about the Rhythm & Hues studio in Mumbai that recently completed work on The Golden Compass and Alvin and the Chipmunks. Some […]

11 December 2007 | news, punditry | No Comments

This Revolution Will (by definition) Be Televised

To paraphrase Lieutenant Colonel Kilgore, this writer’s strike will end someday. Amid more and more speculation as to the irreperable damage being done to the Hollywood studio system is a major ray of hope for thousands of aspiring filmmakers – not just those outside the system currently, but even those striking writers – particularly the […]

10 December 2007 | news, punditry | No Comments




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