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Apple Pro Apps will not leave the Rumor Mill

I recently posted an open question about Apple’s intention with Pro Apps to ProVideoCoalition (where you can find me writing slightly more often than here) in light of their firm denial that they intend to sell them. My thesis is that any time a company with a firm policy of not responding to rumors responds […]

2 May 2008 | punditry | Comments Off on Apple Pro Apps will not leave the Rumor Mill

Flat Earth VFX

I’m not a regular NPR listener – just happened to tune in for a few minutes this morning while shaving, just in time for this morning’s seven and a half minute NPR story about the Rhythm & Hues studio in Mumbai that recently completed work on The Golden Compass and Alvin and the Chipmunks. Some […]

11 December 2007 | news, punditry | No Comments

This Revolution Will (by definition) Be Televised

To paraphrase Lieutenant Colonel Kilgore, this writer’s strike will end someday. Amid more and more speculation as to the irreperable damage being done to the Hollywood studio system is a major ray of hope for thousands of aspiring filmmakers – not just those outside the system currently, but even those striking writers – particularly the […]

10 December 2007 | news, punditry | No Comments


I can’t complain about the amount of variety in my work lately. In the last three months or so I’ve gone from feature visual effects to commercial motion graphics to feature television documentary to designing a new closing shot for a 2006 foreign film to designing a friend’s audio CD artwork to my fxPhd course […]

27 June 2007 | news, punditry | 2 Comments

Bike to Work Day

Anyone who’s worked with me in San Francisco knows that I cycle to work most days, but last night I went out to dinner and left my wheels in the office. As a result, perversely, I skipped Bike to Work Day today. This, however, gave me a chance to listen to the interview with […]

17 May 2007 | after effects, punditry | 2 Comments

Mythbusting (Part Three)

In the last part I played pundit, looking at the field of compositing software from the point of view of high-end, feature film compositing, where Shake and Nuke duke it out, and where Nuke is clearly on the ascendant while Shake’s days seem numbered. Why, you might ask, if I can acknowledge that After Effects […]

2 May 2007 | after effects, punditry | No Comments

Mythbusting (Part Two)

In Mythbusting (Part One) I made the case that it is the workflow, not the results, which prevents After Effects from being a more common choice for big budget feature film visual effects work. This topic is firmly on my mind at the moment having just completed work on a feature entirely using software other […]

29 April 2007 | after effects, punditry | 6 Comments

Mythbusting (Part One)

This post is prompted by the following questions and comments from a reader: Was AE used for Davey Jones in Pirates 2? Is it capable of those kinds of effects or was that another program altogether? I don’t expect to do anything that advanced in my movies yet but I love learning new things. I’ll […]

13 March 2007 | after effects, punditry | 2 Comments

Quality in the Age of YouTube

The unanimous choice among CG/FX types for the best Super Bowl ad this year is the Psyop Coke spot (which many of us had seen in some form last year ). And now, a radical thought: the job of advertisements is to sell product. Did Coca Cola sales jump as the result of that ad? […]

9 February 2007 | punditry | No Comments


Still trying to get my blog legs, evidently, but why not the topic de la semaine. Apparently Apple is no longer a computer company, and Macworld no longer features actual Macs. Fine. I can’t wait to see MotionShake ’08 get all Minority Report on a 30″ display with pinch and scroll. “Hold on, let me […]

11 January 2007 | news, punditry | No Comments




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