Yo ho, yo ho

Startin’ recently I’ve taken on a new opportunity, workin’ on what I can now term “t’ sequel t’ last year’s effects Oscar winner.” Arrrr! Not only that, it’s a chance t’ do this level o’ compositin’ usin’ a vfx industry standard – that moribund software, shake, rumors o’ whose demise be greatly exaggerated.

I’ll be, arrr, busy, o’ course, what with t’ six day weeks and all, but perhaps I’ll have some pearls o’ wisdom t’ share. And o’ course if anyone be concerned about it, I’m certainly not turnin’ away from After Effects – I have agreed t’ do a new edition o’ After Effects Studio Techniques once this mad dash t’ t’ Memorial Day openin’ be completed cialis india.

(original post in the king’s English translated using the English to Pirate Translator)

26 February 2007 | news | Comments

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  1. 1 Scott (a.k.a. Flic Maker Scott on Blogger) 1 March 2007 @ 4:09 pm

    Excellent, Mark! Congratulations. Pirates is one of my favorite trilogies. And since I am just learning to use After Effects myself, I’ll be following along with your progress.