Bike to Work Day

Anyone who’s worked with me in San Francisco knows that I cycle to work most days, but last night I went out to dinner and left my wheels in the office. As a result, perversely, I skipped Bike to Work Day today.

This, however, gave me a chance to listen to the interview with my pal Stu, interviewed by my pal John, on the way in.

Lots of interesting stuff here relating to the roundtable we did at NAB and the Mythbusting series. Once again, discussion that all eyes are on Nuke to become the high-end vfx compositing software of choice, and Stu, typically, has insights beyond the obvious – in particular, about the value of software that is designed to be used by the mainstream and the high-end alike, and how both mainstream and high-end users benefit when this is done well. Photoshop wasn’t mentioned as an example, but it’s a prime one, and in many ways, After Effects is meant to be the Photoshop of the moving image, right

Even if, um, Photoshop is now on its way to becoming the Photoshop of the moving image.

In other words, After Effects needs to keep valuing the needs of its high-end users, but not just for their sake, for everyone, and Nuke might find the greatest success if the Foundry pays attention to how its UI could make more sense to people outside of its few thousand customers at high-end vfx facilities. Makes sense to me.

Back in the day when the high-end work was done on specialized hardware in a rarified environment, this punditry would have fallen on deaf ears, but just as the Red camera seems poised to revolutionize digital cinema at the high and “low” (independent) end alike, these days, there is an opportunity across the board for tools that are both powerful and accessible.

Red was of course mentioned toward the end the podcast too (as was even the iPhone); anyone who agrees with Stu that the camera isn’t for anyone should probably wait and see what happens with the “pocket” version.

17 May 2007 | after effects, punditry | Comments

2 Responses to “Bike to Work Day”

  1. 1 jonah baxter 19 May 2007 @ 7:21 am

    What parts of POTC did you work on?

  2. 2 mc 22 May 2007 @ 7:58 am

    Hi Jonah,

    Don’t want to spoil Pirates 3 for anyone, but look for “Up is down” as the cue to the main sequence I worked on, right up until you see the fish flopping on the deck.

    I’m now somewhat of an expert at making a swimming pool in San Pedro look like the deep blue sea.