Wonders of Technology

One great thing about the field of computer graphics is how close it remains to its roots in academia. You get a real sense of this at SIGGRAPH. Researchers will share discoveries and innovations that would likely stay under wraps had they been done in the R & D department of a company, whether large or small.

Here’s a great example that is currently making the rounds, and it’s super cool because it uses hardware that is available to anyone who works with video: a moving and a still image camera. And it’s very much for real; here is a breakdown from the researchers at U of Washington who devised it. It only works on static scenes, yet you can see elements of this – mapping hi-res stills into video, deriving 3d information from 2d footage – that are part of a progression that will eventually make the way we’ve created shots seem archaic.

I corresponded with my pal Dan Goldman a little bit about this – Dan is newly employed in R & D at Adobe’s Seattle office even as he puts the final touches on his PhD thesis at U of W. The U-Dub/Adobe connection grows ever stronger as Adobe grows its R & D in new and imaginative ways – one of the fellows responsible for the Video Enhancement project is in the office next to Dan’s. This is all really good news for those of us who want to see Adobe evolve a mature product line in new and exciting ways; these guys are right upstairs from the After Effects team.

Meanwhile, the talk of the office around Evil Eye Pictures is the latest technology from Google: Street View (which is already creating fun of its own).

31 May 2007 | after effects, new technology | Comments

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  1. 1 Chris White 31 May 2007 @ 2:35 pm

    That’s remarkable, I’m really looking forward to seeing this more of this at SIGGRAPH. I was very impressed from the first piece in the video but they continued to show more and more things you can do with this.