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phd term 6 previewI haven’t blogged about it extensively, but for the last 3 terms I’ve been offering online courses at fxphd.com and have found it to be a lively community of peers, and chock full of fantastic information about visual effects and high-end production. Although this term’s After Effects course will be a repeat of the first one I taught nearly a year ago, I’ll be staying active in the forums and beyond.

Today John Montgomery shared a preview of what’s in store for this term and I must say I am really impressed. Highlights include:

• A new Production track which includes a course on the RED camera
• A DV Rebel course overseen by Stu Maschwitz
• New Training in such au courant apps as Nuke, Apple Color, Smoke and Z-Brush
• Stills Photography
• New and repeat classes covering Flame, Maya, PFTrack, Shake, Fusion, Toxik, Monet/Mokey/Motor and Photoshop (as well as my After Effects course)

For an amazing price of $110 per course you get amazing amounts of knowledge and expertise and membership in a forum of helpful experts. We working professionals have to scramble just to keep up with all that’s offered with a standard membership; even a full-time student would be challenged to max out what you can do with this level of knowledge and expertise available. I joined up with these guys because I’m so impressed with the decisions they’ve made and their tireless dedication to seeing those ideas through, and continue to be amazed at how the project develops.

Note: for those new to BitTorrent, the video linked requires a separate, free application which can be downloaded for Mac or Windows. Don’t fret – this is a 100% legal and ethical link distributed with the permission of the creators, and BitTorrent is not a crime, it’s a fantastically efficient way to distribute huge files such as this one (which is over 250MB).

10 October 2007 | news, training | Comments

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