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Readers of this blog may also be aware of Eric Escobar’s blog Prep, Shoot, Post. Last week he described prep, shoot and post on a rather ambitious green-screen commercial project and it just so happens I’m the vfx supervisor. I’m a little late to the party and suddenly realized I should blog about little things having to do with this job. This photo document our prep of the giant cyclorama for motion tracking.

We used lowly green post-it notes from Office Depot. They provide contrast by being brighter and greener than the Rosco Green walls (the post-its are nearly pure green, while the green to be keyed intentionally has a bit more blue in it).

I’ll have more to share about this job as it progresses. It’s a great pleasure to work with the guys at Kontent Films, including Eric, and they got an amazing performance out of their actor/dancers, which will make this piece really stand out. Our work is very much cut out for us as it’s a long piece for a virtual set, but the popping, locking and acrobatics in this piece is so good, people may hardly notice the rest of the visuals, which would be fine – it would mean we didn’t detract from the human element.

Today’s report: I completed a shot breakdown in the same manner that a supervisor on a feature film would do – giving each shot a name and choosing a keyframe from the edit to make a storyboard that we can tape to the wall with a description of important information about the shot, the frame count, which take was used, and so on. Once I have those taped up perhaps I can share that image. Tomorrow we do the online conform of 4:4:4 footage and then we have no excuses – we just have just a few weeks to complete 70 or so shots!

25 January 2008 | after effects | Comments

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