Still trying to get my blog legs, evidently, but why not the topic de la semaine. Apparently Apple is no longer a computer company, and Macworld no longer features actual Macs. Fine. I can’t wait to see MotionShake ’08 get all Minority Report on a 30″ display with pinch and scroll. “Hold on, let me take a closer look at that matte – pinch!” (But oh, the fingerprints you’ll wipe).

Anyhow, Macworld Expo 2007. As always, if you blew it off because you don’t live a 12 minute downhill bicycle ride away, you didn’t miss anything essential except ftf with actual people (and what was undoubtedly a moving tribute to Bruce Frasier.

Here’s what else you might have missed:
– OmniFocus
Omni seems to be creating the best GTD-style productivity application yet. Release isn’t until later this year, and until Apple unlocks the API it won’t run on your iPhone (see below) but damn, from the preview I attended at the Apple Store this looks like a step up from kGTD (on which I’m nonetheless hooked – subject for another blog?)
– Stu debuts his book, and copies are actually available
I only just got my own copy of The Rebel’s Guide, but Stu gave us a nice taste of the pudding. I’ll have lots more thoughts on this once I read it; it’s already inspired some thoughts with the spine still more or less unbent. I’m psyched that his highly readable prose is now officially bound and not a bit gagged.
– 802.11n
Steve didn’t even mention that the new Airport Extreme base station unlocks that previously useless 802.11n card in your late model MacBook Pro (or, if you don’t have one yet, um, mine). But – one more thing – it has way more expansion than its predecessors, like actual ethernet ports (albeit 100 Mbps) and AirportDisk, a USB drive sharing scheme. Sounds like a perfect complement to the Squeezebox. Ships next month(-ish).
– Production Studio Mac debuts
The Adobe veterans sounded sentimental as the splash screen appeared for the first Premiere for OS X (although with the My Little Pony splash screen replaced with the new Periodic Table (Pt) branding, it’s like getting a Viking range to replace the Easy-Bake oven).
No new Production Studio features were shown, but on the other hand, nothing broke.
– Sonnet R400Q RAID enclosure
For maximum flexibility, this one has a port multiplier and both flavors of Firewire (plus even USB) in addition to eSATA. I’m into it with the MBP and the Tempo Express 34 card, although the MSRP is a tad rich. March.
– Apple TV support for 720p – when exactly?
Downloaded Apple TV looked – not so hot. Sub-DVD quality. Big old pixels. Lots of JPEG color noise.
But damn, 720p downloads of Paramount movies sounds hot hundred play video poker. If only they would announce it to go along with the fact that this device supports it.
– No one’s current phone is cool anymore
On the other hand: Cingular! Didn’t I leave them – twice? (once when they were AT&T) EDGE! are we continuing the backward nature of connectivity in the US?? 3) Software! If this thing doesn’t let third parties develop for it – and we may not know until WWDC this summer, which means no apps for a long time – oof, it’s more like an iPod than a Treo.
If you didn’t show up, don’t feel bad and maybe we’ll make it to Vegas (but you won’t see me on my bicycle).

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