MacWorld 2009: Hello World

I’ll be in the Peachpit booth at MacWorld Thursday morning at 11 a.m., giving a little presentation about creating vfx in After Effects which they have promised will be more intimate and informal than the standard podium/audience type of setup. If you come by, say hello! I’ll be followed at noon by Norman Hollyn, author of the brand new book,

href=”″>The Lean Forward Moment: Create Compelling Stories for Film, TV, and the Web.

I’m looking forward to seeing new things at this show despite dampened expecations; this morning came the news that Autodesk plans to bring Mudbox and Toxik to the Mac, and we can expect more surprises as the week progresses site.

5 January 2009 | after effects, news | Comments

2 Responses to “MacWorld 2009: Hello World”

  1. 1 Cris McRae 25 September 2009 @ 8:24 am

    In your next addition of AE CS4 book PLEASE Acronym P.A.R.T.S or S.T.R.A.P instead of A.P.R.S.T

    When you’re just leaning or trying to remember all the different keyboard combos every little bit of something made easier helps.

    Thanks for the good book

  2. 2 Marco 6 August 2010 @ 12:54 pm

    Dear Mark,
    I bought last month your book, it is great but i would tell you if in the next edition you can put in the dvd also the Pc file not only Mac file, because i use Pc and AE files don’t work.

    Thank you!
    Marco from Italy