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The April 2009 term is underway at and I’m excited to once again be contributing a full class to it: afx206 will take concepts from After Effects Studio Techniques and put them in motion. It’s an opportunity for me to go beyond the examples and figures in the book. With just a half-hour a week over a ten week term, it’s no replacement for the book, but for some it will augment what the book has to offer.

And if you join fxphd you get more than just the one class. Tim Clapham is offering a new After Effects motion graphics course that will undoubtedly be fantastic. There are a number of courses that will reveal the process of creating visual effects for the popular Red Dwarf premiere that aired in the UK last week – this is a glimpse into real production and an opportunity to get your hands on real elements.

There’s even a course on Python scripting for compositors, and there’s the always excellent Background Fundamentals course hosted by Mike Seymour included with the price of admission.

Check out the orientation video for more of what’s there.

14 April 2009 | after effects, news, training | Comments

3 Responses to “New Class at”

  1. 1 KevinW 14 April 2009 @ 1:28 pm

    Reading your book got me hooked on vfx :) Which is why I signed up for fxphd when I was you would be teaching a class.

    Can’t wait!


  2. 2 Mark 14 April 2009 @ 4:48 pm

    Thanks Kevin – please provide candid feedback on the class so I know if it’s helping you.

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